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Behind the Scenes: From Basic Black to Coveted Coated

Sep 04, 2014

With Labor Day come and gone, fall, and more importantly, fall fashion, are quickly approaching. And one of this season’s fail proof trends has just arrived at DSLTD – coated denim. We love the coated look as an affordable alternative to leather, begging endless styling possibilities whether paired with a tailored blazer and heels or a moto jacket and booties. Chic and sexy enough for a night on the town, yet edgy and sassy to boot, coated denim has both credibility and versatility.

As such a go-to closet essential, we had DSTLD Design Director Anh Vu give us a behind-the-scenes look at the meticulous treatment our High Waisted Coated Skinny and Mid Rise Short receive.

First, we start with our best-selling High Waisted Skinny in Black Powerstretch. Our Black Powerstretch fabric is a wunderkind – it subtly sculpts curves, supports the torso, and dons the perfect amount of stretch with an even more noteworthy recovery rate (a.k.a it won’t stretch out). Add coating, and we’ve raised the bar on what it means to be the perfect black jean.

Before beginning its makeover, the jean gets a special wash treatment to ensure maximum softness. Next, our skilled painter places the pant onto a custom made dummy (this prevents any creases or wrinkles from occurring during the painting process) and carefully sprays the jean from top to bottom. Most any pant can be coated in any color. We use a black paint to achieve a super rich and never-fading hue. Like any garment, the details are important – we paint inside the pockets, underneath belt loops, and every other nook and cranny so the coating looks smooth and seamless.

The third step in the process is arguably the most important and technical. Each jean receives a custom foam insert before going to the heat press, where exactly 300 degrees of heat is ‘ironed’ into the jean with 100-pound force to seal in the paint and ‘cure’ the coating. The heat press machines are extremely dangerous, so each technician is highly skilled and experienced.

After all the muscle work is said and done, the freshly coated pant hangs [out] by its belt loops for two days to finish the curing process.

Our favorite part about coated denim is it’s timeless versatility. Whether a jean or a short, the body-contouring silhouette is endlessly flattering and will bring you from season to season.

-Hannah Laverty

Mid Rise Short in Coated Black Powerstretch

High Waisted Skinny in Coated Black Powerstretch