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Black Friday is a Marketing Scam

Nov 25, 2015


Guess what we’re doing for Black Friday?

Absolutely nothing.

You’ll notice that there are no DSTLD coupons, DSTLD promo codes, or DSTLD discounts. We believe that brands that go on sale are ripping you off. And Black Friday is one of the biggest retail scams of all.

Eighty percent of all retail is purchased on sale, and today is no exception. In fact, it’s the rule. Stores don’t expect you to pay full price for anything anymore, so they artificially cushion prices to compensate for sales and to create a false sense of value. It’s a marketing tactic. By the time an item has reached you, it’s passed through multiple vendors’ hands, resulting in as much as an 8x markup on the product.

Black Friday, and discounts in general, create a mark-up to mark down culture, and establishes a dishonest pricing structure. Retailers frequently jack up prices right before a big sale in order to suggest your'e getting a bargain. In reality, you’re likely paying more, if not the same amount, before the discount.

It doesn’t need to be Black Friday to score industry-leading quality at an affordable price. DSTLD sources, designs, and sells luxury grade essentials directly to you in order to keep quality high, and markups low. We don’t skimp on any of the details while doing it.

The pricing you see on our site today, and everyday, isn’t padded for discounts or sales. It reflects the superior quality of the materials we use and the high level of craftsmanship we employ, with only enough markup to cover our own margins – no one else’s.

While you won’t see any Black Friday “deals” here today, we believe that when you shop and wear DSTLD, you’ve already found one. And if you’re just looking for something black - well, we’ve got plenty of that.