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Here's Why Leather Leggings Will Always Be in Style

May 08, 2019

Leather leggings can conjure one of two thoughts: an impractical, uncomfortable wardrobe piece best reserved for the club or shiny, flimsy fabric that looks less like leather and more like, well, a legging. We’re here to dispel those misconceptions with leather leggings that are comfortable, durable (there’s no seeing through this guy!) and, best of all, versatile as hell. Made from 100% Nappa leather, Business Insider called these the “diamond hidden in the piles and piles of trash on the internet” and we’d have to agree. If you’ve been on the fence about whether to invest in a pair of genuine leather leggings, here are three reasons why we think it’s time you took the plunge.

1. So comfy, you can do yoga in them. 

Just ask our model, Abi, who’s nailing bridge pose. In crafting the “perfectly executed leather legging," we took great care to design a piece you can do just about anything in. That’s why we used only the softest, thickest genuine leather, bonded it with stretch to ensure unlimited movement, and added an elasticized waistband so you can bend, sit, run, or - our favorite - lounge around. By prioritizing comfort, we’ve created a staple you’ll want to wear everywhere.

2. Durability that doesn’t play.

It’s no surprise that leather lasts forever, but the leather we use for our leggings isn’t just any kind - it’s Nappa. The difference is in the feel. Whereas traditional leather, which undergoes a more rigorous production process, can feel rigid, our Nappa leather uses a quarter less water to produce and is supple from the get-go, an inherent quality that makes Nappa the premier choice of luxury brands in all industries. To ensure its color lasts just as long as the material, we coated our leggings with a stain-resistant surface that will keep them black for years to come. We call these an investment, you can call them the gift that keeps on giving.

3. Leather leggings outfits for days.

Think leather leggings are only for nighttime wear? Think again. Our leather leggings are about as versatile as black jeans and add just the right amount of chic. These look great alone with a tee or tank, or layered with a blazer. For a casual daytime look, we’d pair our leather leggings with a white crew neck tee or denim shirt and your favorite pair of sneakers (think Chuck Taylors). For a nighttime look with some sizzle, try our leather leggings out with an oversized blazer and black pumps or booties. Our favorite day or night go-to? Leather leggings with a black turtleneck. Nothing says cool, calm and collected like this black on black duo.

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