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Introduction to DSTLD

Feb 24, 2014

Today’s best-loved premium denim brands design and craft a beautiful product, then turn to a traditional model (designer à retailer à customer) to sell it.

That’s standard practice, the industry-wide norm… despite having some pretty distasteful consequences for everyone involved. 

Think about it. Once said product leaves its designer’s hands, the tie between the two is broken. Now a third party will decide the garment’s fate – its presentation, what sort of markup to assign, not to mention how customers will experience the product. A problematic model for both brand and buyer. 

With all due respect to the middleman, we’ll take the road less traveled by.

DSTLD à you.



The concept of our brand is simple: Strip away what’s unnecessary, and distil the business of premium denim down to its most essential parts.

We began with a focus on quality. The caliber of our fabric and fit. Sourcing fabrics from the same mills as premium brands and working with the world’s best cut, sew, and wash houses, we painstakingly developed one of the most advanced women’s denim fits in the industry – as well as what we are confident is the most comfortable, best-case-scenario men’s raw denim in the modern world.

The happy outcome:  DSTLD is able to provide the same or greater level of quality + fit you expect of the most celebrated premium brands at ⅓ the price.

We aim to stand out from the pack and emerge as your preferred brand and source. For anyone who loves high-end denim the way we do, DSTLD just might be a revelation. 

Thank you for your curiosity

Please enjoy DSTLD