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What Investors are Saying about DSTLD

Aug 02, 2016

Since our equity crowdfunding campaign launched, we’ve received warm, thoughtful, and enthusiastic comments from our investors. Take a look at what some of your in-the-know peers are saying.

“I am long time loyal customer of DSTLD.  The price to value of their stylish clothing is second to none.  Why wouldn’t I invest, the company is going to be very successful if they keep doing what they are doing.”

Geoffrey McFarlane // CFO, Winc // Los Angeles, CA

“I invested because I believe in this brand and its ability to make a difference in the clothing market. Online retail is the future and DSTLD is lighting the toward a stylish tomorrow.”

Andrew Krumm // Army Officer // Dothan, AL

“I discovered DSTLD through SeedInvest (no previous knowledge of your brand) and was curious. I did go through the material and actually liked your business model. I decided I wanted to be a part of this revolution, this is why I decided to invest in this company.”

Joan Lanzagorta // Insurance Industry // Mexico City, MX

“I’ve been involved with branding and product development for years and it takes a lot to “wow” me, which is exactly what DSTLD did. I bought my first pair of DSTLD jeans around 2 ½ years ago and they were just different than any that I’ve ever owned. I was intrigued - started following DSTLD - news, social, etc. and just fell in love with the company. When the opportunity arose to invest into DSTLD, it was a no-brainer. I just have a really, really good feeling about it. I tout DSTLD whenever I can - because people should know. It’s a great product in a sea of sameness. In my opinion, DSTLD can’t lose.”

Scott Williams // Emisare, Inc. // Greensboro, NC

“After purchasing my very first pair of denim jeans I knew DSTLD was taking the art of style and simplicity to a whole other level.”

David Signor // U.S. Navy Veteran + Desert Storm Veteran // Manchester, NH

“I invested in DSTLD because of the simplicity of the design and the quality of the clothing. Additionally, the innovative direct to consumer model is very appealing as I consider myself a fashion forward person that dislikes the traditional store shopping experience. In my mind, this is like comparing today’s local vs. industrial food movement. People are ready for change, for a different way of doing things. I’m all about challenging the status quo and believe that change requires evolution. DSTLD is doing this exactly! Can’t wait to see what’s next – I’m already a brand ambassador.”

Christopher Campos // Managing Director // NYC

“I’ve been a big fan of DSTLD for quite some time now. The clothes are dope and I feel connected to the ethos of sustainability and affordability. The clothing industry is ripe for re-imagination and DSTLD is forging that path. I only see big things ahead for the company which made the investment a no brainer.”

Joe Conte // Analyst // San Francisco, CA

“As I proudly wear the DSTLD product line, I was enamored with the offering of getting in on some action of investing in the awesome, luxurious, Grade-A denim clothing line with such a promising future. And as a man in my late fifties, I can honestly say that they make me feel and look cool. Thank you for allowing me to join your team!”

Sergio Ibarra // Central Office Technician // Gig Harbor, WA

“I invested in DSTLD because I bought a pair of jeans from the company a few years ago; it’s tough finding a quality pair of jeans at a good price.  I was impressed with the quality of product and I think the business has potential to be a bigger more recognized brand in the long run.  I’m looking for investment opportunities with growth potential, be it via the stock market or other avenues, so this is a good fit.”

Samir Kabir // Finance // New Jersey

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Testimonials: The individuals above were not compensated in exchange for their testimonials. In addition, their testimonials should not be construed as and/or considered investment advice.