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Meet the Team: Kevin Morris

Apr 26, 2016

Kevin Morris

Where are you from?
Huntington Beach

How did you get to DSTLD (/your background)?
I’m actually friends with Corey from business school at UCLA; I had been working for American Airlines in a strategy role and then moved onto a sales and business development role at Adidas.  Corey and I grabbed lunch one day, and we both realized I would be a great fit at DSTLD, so here I am!

What’s your role at DSTLD?
Head of finance & operations.

Describe your personal style or name one piece that defines you.
I prefer dark colors (grey and blue); jeans and a button down are usually my go to.  I like getting dressed up, but I don’t have many opportunities to do so!

What’s your favorite trend right now?
Chelsea boots

What are your favorite DSTLD products?
Our raw denim and polos.

How does DSTLD’s idea of fewer, better things play into your daily life?
I prefer to buy staples and less seasonal items, that way I have fewer decisions when I get up in the morning and don’t have to spend too much money on things!  I prefer quality over quantity, so I don’t want to buy something that will wear out in a few months.

Who’s your style inspiration right now?
I really like what French brand APC has been doing lately. 

What do you like to do in your free time?
Hang out with my wife and young daughter; try to make time to go for a run a few times a week too. 

What’s your favorite LA spot?
I really like 3rd Street in Mid-Wilshire 

What inspires you?
I really enjoy working with and being surrounded by people who are passionate about what they do.  It inspires me to work and push myself harder.

Working at a fashion-tech startup is a recipe for a busy lifestyle. How do you keep things stress free and streamlined?
I know when to take breaks and enjoy my non-work life.  We’re not saving lives here, it’s important to realize this and know when you need to clear your mind and take some time off, even if it’s just a few minutes during the work day.

What are your three daily essentials?
Coffee, jeans, and my girls (wife and daughter)