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How to 'Distill' Your Style: Creating a Men's Capsule Wardrobe

Jan 28, 2016

Ever wonder how some guys look like their style is so unique yet bold? Yes, some may have endless funds to keep their closet items revolving, but others have the right weapons in their arsenal to keep it fresh and locked in. Once you have a solid foundation of basics - a few pairs of denim, some tee’s and shirts - you can pair them with different shoes, jackets, and hoodies to make endless possibilities. Starting with denim, a pair of black jeans is a must for both dressing up and dressing down, followed by a darker blue (whiskering optional), as well as a lighter blue or even grey.

DSTLD Men’s Black Skinny Jeans


After the denim department, it’s time for shirts. Stick to the rule of three in that you should have three solid tee shirts (black and white are must haves, not optional), and three button ups, mix a plaid, a solid, and a white. The best part about button ups is you can wear them solo for a dressed up look or leave it open with a shirt under it for a casual yet careful look, and create more options.

DSTLD Men’s Tees + Tanks


Having the denim/shirt basics lays the foundation for the next part, bold pieces that should be looked at as an investment. Starting with shoes, a clean pair of trainers (sorry, regular Chuck’s won’t cut it), and either boots or brogues, one in leather and one suede.

Now the fun part, the icing on the cake of being a true man of style, a statement jacket, or two. Try a classic like this take on the double breasted coat which can be dressed up with a button up or sweater as well as dressed down with a hoodie or tee shirt.


Bringing it on home is the bomber jacket, which you can wear every night of the week and have a free pass. Inspired by the U.S. fighter pilots, this iconic staple will always command respect from both sexes. There’s plenty of different styles and cuts, but it’s a style that will remain timeless.