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Skinny Jeans for Men: Finding the Right Style

Oct 21, 2015

Skinny jeans for men are nothing new - they’ve been around since the days of Western star Roy Rogers and eternal style icon James Dean. Modern day notables Zac Efron, Bradley Cooper, Justin Theroux, David Beckham, and Ryan Gosling are just a few of the celebs that sport skinny jeans. You don’t need to be famous, six foot three, or under 30 years old to wear a pair of fitted threads. Today’s men’s skinny jeans styles have come a long way and utilize smarter fabrics and more accommodating construction.

Men’s Skinny Jeans : Styles

Choosing the right style of skinny jeans makes the difference between a sartorial statement and fashion fail. There’s lots of options for cheap men’s skinny jeans, but chances are you need to be a certain body type to wear these [poorly] constructed pieces [read: a toothpick]. Many brands explain the technical measurements of their jeans, like leg opening and rise, for example. Take your own measurements to gain an understanding of how a certain style might fit you. We believe no matter what your body type, your jeans should capture a tailored look that complements the shape and length of your leg. Be sure the jeans frame the ankle without folding or creasing at the floor – highlighting your shoe game is part of the appeal. Here’s a rundown on DSTLD skinny jean styles.



The skinniest of men’s skinny jeans should include some stretch. This gives you room to move, breathe, and the jeans are able to work with your body rather than against it. Also pay attention to the weight of the fabric - choose something with a solid hand; it shouldn’t feel thin or worn. Even if you don’t have a six pack or model proportions, you can still wear a tight skinny jean by pairing it with a looser fitting tee or blazer to achieve tailored lines that flatter.



Skinny-Slim jeans are slightly more approachable for the average man. They provide the same clean look of a Skinny jean but deliver a bit more wiggle room. This fit is great for everyday wear, or for a more dressed up occasion, like an office party, date night, or important family function. You’ll be most comfortable in this style with a semi-stretch fabric that will accommodate movement and have that already-broken-in-feel.