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The Capsule Wardrobe With @thequarterrican

Apr 25, 2019

Capsule wardrobes: where do we begin? Parting with your favorite garments can be emotional. Tackling your mountain of a closet can be daunting. But everyone says the outcome is worth it and - let's face it - we all want to own less and own better. Inspired by his experimentation with capsule wardrobes, we sat down with Zach Thomas of @thequarterrican to talk all things minimal, sustainable, and fashionable. 

Name: Zach Thomas

Age: 23

Location: Boston, MA

Describe your style: Casual, clean, and functional.

Favorite DSTLD piece: The Sherpa Denim Jacket. Whenever it's chilly I just throw it on and it always looks good. 

Fun fact about yourself: I'm from the same hometown as Ariana Grande.

What made you interested in building a capsule wardrobe?

When I built my capsule wardrobe the first time, I felt like my style was haphazard and unfocused. In my mind I had a concept for what I wanted my wardrobe to look like, but no matter how hard I tried it wouldn't surface. Once I finished the capsule challenge, I had this realization that I didn't need a lot of clothing to be happy and honor my personal style. Additionally, along the way, I learned so much about sustainability and durability that I knew I couldn't turn back. 

How did minimizing your wardrobe make you feel?

Really stressed and relieved all at the same time. It was hard to get rid of so much, but it got easier with every piece. Now I feel like I have so much space - physically and mentally. It's so much easier to walk out of the house every day. My outfit choices are usually made by the weather because I know that, no matter what I put on, I'm going to feel good in what I wear that day. 

What kind of impact has curating your own capsule wardrobe made on other areas of your life?

First off, I take life a lot more slowly since curating my own capsule. I make time for things in the morning before I leave my apartment and when I come home at night. Second, I have been trying to bring this same minimal mindset to other areas of my life. I definitely consume less and have been trying to streamline other areas of my life. It's also changed the way I shop - I do more research and a LOT of thinking before I purchase anything. I want to make sure it'll do what I need it to do and that it's filling in a real gap that I have in my wardrobe. 

Why would you recommend this to others?

Because you have nothing to lose and so much to gain! It will change your mindset even if you only do one capsule. You'll think more about what you're buying and learn more about sustainability. I think everyone should try a capsule wardrobe at least once in their life and there are so many great resources out there to get started.