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Womens High Waisted Skinny Jeans In Black Coated Powerstretch105

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Our curve-hugging High Waisted Skinny gets a new look in luxe Coated Powerstretch. This moto-inspired black jean has the perfect skinny silhouette as well as a supple, wearable feel thanks to innovative Powerstretch. The high-performing fabric gives you total freedom of movement and even smooths and lifts your shape.

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Coated finish offers soft sheen with a powdery-soft feel

Black enamel hardware

Available in multiple inseams

9 1/2” front rise

High cut embraces the natural waist and elongates legs

Front pockets are sewn down for a smooth fit

  • 77% cotton, 21% polyester, 2% Lycra
  • 7.5 oz. Powerstretch denim is impressively agile and resilient
  • Smooth, sleek material offers comfort, movement, and a figure-accentuating close fit
  • Coating has satiny-smooth finish and soft sheen
  • Dry clean only

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What is
Raw Denim?

Raw denim is the purest form of the cotton twill fabric it’s constructed from. Never washed, distressed or treated in any way, raw denim jeans have a stiff feel and distinctive color. DSTLD’s raw denim uses a 24 dip process with the richest indigo dyes available to achieve an authentic color that will fade naturally. With time and wear, the deep blue hue will soften to reveal a gradient of light blues and soft whites, with combinations that are unique and completely personalized to you.


Before wear





*Simulated fading based on regular wear

Benefits of Raw Denim



Since no changes have been made to the its natural state, raw denim is the longest lasting, most durable and time worn fabric available for jeans.



Raw denim’s production process saves valuable environmental resources by eliminating the use of chemical treatments and repeated washes.


Less Stuff

Devotees of raw denim wear their favorite pair for years at a time. Our jeans could become the only jeans you'll need.



Though the initial cost of raw denim jeans can be high, their ability to be worn for years at a time make them an essential investment piece.

How to break in your raw jeans?

To help break in your raw denim, try a few squats and lunges to start stretching out the tight fabric. Wear them around for a few days and about a week later, you’ll begin to feel the denim soften and shape to your body.


1/ Squat


2/ Lunge


3/ Walk

Care Instructions

Now that you’ve got your raw jeans, how do you care for them? Personalized fading is the central reason for wearing raw denim and it’s important to follow the best practices to ensure your jeans carry your own signature.

/1 Wear

Wait 1-3 months before your first wash. That way you’ll be sure to be guaranteed a unique and varied fade.

/2 Freshen

Keep your raw denim fresh by airing it out, especially after exposure to any unwanted odors. Be sure to avoid direct sunlight to avoid any unwanted fading!

/3 Soak

Use the “shrink to fit” method - soak in a warm bath for at least 15 minutes wearing your raw denim jeans. This will help shape them to fit your silhouette perfectly.

/4 Dry

Hang dry and iron on warm inside out for a crisp appearance.


4/ Wash

• Always wash your jeans in cold water, inside out to keep reduce dye loss and prevent shrinkage

• Use one tablespoon white vinegar or a detergent specially formulated for dark colors

• Never put your jeans in the dryer unless you intend to shrink them! Always hang or lay flat to dry.

• Do not hem your jeans prior to first wash. While, the waist will stretch back out, but inseam length will not.

Note about shrinkage:  All jeans shrink when exposed to water. All of our raw denim is sanforized, a process that shrinks the fabric before it’s cut and sewn into jeans. Sanforized denim shrinks 3-5% during the first wash.

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Holy chic. Looks and feels like leather. Wears like our best-selling Powerstretch denim.

Glam meets moto

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Our best-selling Powerstrech denim at a luxe new level

Sleek and sultry, master high style with ease in this high waisted skinny whose soft coated exterior adds an edgy step up.

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