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Mens Skinny Slim 12.75oz Raw Denim Jeans In 24 Dip Indigo Timber75

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To achieve the rich color of these jeans, our heftier 12.75 oz. raw denim fabric is treated to an exhaustive 24-dip dye process in real natural indigo. The result: lasting color with an impressionable, ever-changing quality – the denim will gradually evolve in both look and feel into a true one-of-a-kind, completely bespoke to the wearer. This stiffer, heavier weight raw fabric is infused with our signature 2% stretch for a comfort seldom seen in raw denim. The fabric has also been sanforized and mercerized to minimize shrinkage. The 24-dip raw denim’s strong looks make a perfect counterpart for our most modern-facing men’s style yet: the Skinny-Slim (formerly Cigarette) fit. In this style, the jean has a slightly more tapered fit from knee to ankle than our Japanese Raw Indigo / Timber style. NOTE: Due to the rich dye process, color transfer will occur with lighter fabrics. Please use caution.

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Double belt loop at the center back
Clean-finished interior seams present a perfect premium cuff
Classic timber stitching
High-grade khaki pockets for comfort and durability, reinforced with bias tape
Copper-finished hardware
Premium No. 5 YKK zipper
10.5" rise

The indigo dye may rub off under both wet and dry conditions. Please use care and precaution around light colored clothing, light colored furniture, upholstery, etc.
98% cotton, 2% lycra
12.75 oz. sanforized raw denim, dyed with natural indigo
Raw denim improves with age & repeated wear, softening and evolving over time to reflect the wearer’s own unique shape and lifestyle. Your jeans will break in beautifully, taking on priceless custom-built character

Raw denim is a unique fabric with its own rules for care/washing. In general: the less you wash your raw jeans, the better.

Then, wash as little as possible, always in cold water.
Lay flat to dry.
To help set the dye and reduce bleeding, you can try soaking your jeans in cold water and white vinegar overnight in a bucket or bathtub. In the morning, rinse the jeans in cold water to remove vinegar.
If you wash your raw jeans in warm/hot water and/or dry them, they will shrink. To avoid shrinkage, follow the above instructions.

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